1st Co-Creation Workshop in Castelfranco Veneto

June 2021

Castelfranco hosts its first co-creation workshop with local stakeholders in June 2021. The event was part of the first series of VARCITIES Co-creation workshops, taking place in June in all the eight Pilot Cities. The goal of the first series of workshops was to introduce the visionary solutions to the local stakeholders to validate and refine them collectively, before starting the co-design process. 

The purpose of this round of multi-stakeholder workshop is to introduce the Visionary Solutions complementing the city’s actions towards establishing an observatory on the “Therapeutic effect of the Landscape”. 

The multi-stakeholder workshop took place online with 8 participants and introduced 6 Visionary Solutions that will be implemented in Castelfranco. The pilot site centered around Villa Revedin Bolasco and its 8 hectares garden with a lake. 

Key Learnings from Participants and Local Stakeholders 

The workshop began with the introduction of the project team as well as the participants. Andrea Basso, a former resident and president of Social Cooperative Giotto said that there is great potential of the garden there is solution formed around the idea of connecting to the streets around the Villa. The conversation then extended to the further discuss about perspectives on each Visionary solution. 

This was followed by a discussion on the key needs, drivers and challenges concerning the visionary solutions. Adriano Bisello (EURAC) stressed the need to conduct and extensive analysis of the project site area. Regarding challenges, accessibility to technology as well as mobility were commonly discussed as a key challenge concerning the project. 

Castelfranco proposes a healing garden for elderly & people suffering from Alzheimers with the objectives to:  

1) Create a healing garden for elderly and people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (Implementing Nature-based Solutions integrating Digital, Social and Cultural innovation and with high replication potential and Co-creating the solutions with the public, the local authorities and the industry)  

2) Develop the “Regional observatory on therapeutic effects of the landscape (thus developing a new concept for green public spaces in cities while developing new and advancing existing KPIs for H&WB). 

In doing so, 6 Visionary Solutions on the masterplan are presented:  

VS1: Creation of garden access routes to ensure an improved access according to the needs of the garden users  

VS2: Analysis and monitoring of psychological and physiological well-being for elderly people and people affected by Alzheimer  

VS3: Full monitoring of microclimatic conditions in the different areas of the garden (forest area, open area, lake area)  

VS4: Development of a green public spaces (re)design toolbox and establishment of the “Local observatory on therapeutic effects of the landscape“  

VS5: Implementation of ICT tools to support a rewarding experience of garden users & for the assistance of visitors with disabilities with the goal of increasing safety while visiting the garden  

VS6: Adaptive & intelligent visitor information systems 

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