Steps towards a greener more liveable Gzira

July 7th, 2021

The first VARCITIES Co-creation workshop in Gzira took place on 30th June 2021. The workshop brought together local residents, creatives, architects, educators and people from other backgrounds to share experiences and recommendations for implementing the visionary solutions in the Gzira area. Having representatives with diverse and specific expertise gave a significantly holistic perspective with regard to the day-to-day challenges experienced by citizens and commuters in Gzira.

In particular, participants highlighted the following persisting problems and needs:

  • lack of green open spaces
  • limited walkability, narrow pavements, need for more pedestrian routes
  • poor air and noise quality.

During the workshop, University of Malta presented the three visionary solutions that we are going to implement as part of VARCITIES. Our goal is to improve the current environmental and social conditions in the pilot area of Rue d’Argens in Gzira.

Participants were supporting of the solutions presented  and offered useful perspectives and indications. For instance, they suggested a closer collaboration between residents and private sector, the need to use existing spaces to organise local events, and an integration of digital tools and platforms for citizens to assess the environmental conditions.

The workshop is just the first step in the co-creation and co-desing process in Gzira. Click here for more information.