During the months of November and December last year, the Pilot Cities of VARCITIES hosted their second-round of co-creation workshops, focusing on co-design. The aim of these workshops was to collect feedback on the updated VARCITIES Visionary Solutions from a wide range of stakeholders. 

The main objectives for this round are: 

  1. (re)Introduce the VARCITIES project and pilot sites to stakeholders  
  2. Present updated Visionary Solutions, and collect final comments from stakeholders  
  3. Collection of feedback on the VARCITIES context analysis, and review updated Visionary Solution 
  4. Present the developments on the Health and Well-Being Platform and collective feedback  
  5. Present upcoming dissemination activities and generate comments 

With the differing restrictions on mobility and gathering across our pilot cities, some workshops were carried through in-person meetings and others fully virtual.  

At these workshops, pilot city representatives together with VARCITIES project partners presented updated designs on the Visionary Solutions within their designated demonstration areas to a range of key stakeholders. Building on the feedback from the first workshops, the solutions are a set of nature-based and digital projects/actions that will seek to improve the health and well-being of the focus area. 

The workshops were attended by participants from the 1st round of workshops as well as new participants. The session began with the presentation of the VARCITIES visionary solutions, followed by a moment to discuss a final reflection and future impacts of the Visionary Solutions. The VARCITIES Health & Wealth-Being platform was also presented. Afterward, the workshop concluded with a final wrap session and offered participants to join in on a site visit walk (if in-person).  

The main outcome of this workshop is to be able to finalize the designs of the Visionary Solutions after the workshop and to be able to conclude the co-design phase by the end of February 2022. 

Stay tuned for more information on the results of the 2nd Co-Creation Workshops.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@varcities.eu