The second series of VARCITIES Co-Creation workshops kicks off this month. This time around, the workshops are building on the results and the learnings from the first multi-stakeholder workshops. The primary aim of the second series of workshops through the co-design phase is to collect feedback on the updated VARCITIES Visionary Solutions from a wide range of stakeholders.  

The main objectives for this series are: 

  1. (re)Introduce the VARCITIES project and pilot sites to stakeholders 
  2. Present updated Visionary Solutions, and collect final comments from stakeholders 
  3. Collection of feedback on the VARCITIES context analysis, and review updated Visionary Solution 
  4. Present the developments on the Health and Well-Being Platform and collective feedback 
  5. Present upcoming dissemination activities and generate comments 

The process for the workshop considers the stakeholder engagement needs of the pilots themselves and the needs of different work packages within VARCITIES. The process is created to be used over different local settings to ensure cohesion and comparability across all pilots. The process considers the diverse backgrounds and experiences with stakeholder engagement present in the pilots.

The Co-Creation workshops are developed and facilitated by one of our partners, Prospex Institute and in collaboration with our Pilot Cities: Castelfranco Veneto, Chania, Dundalk, Gzira, Leuven, Novo Mesto and Skelleftea.  

Stay tuned for more information on the next stage of co-creation workshops as the month unfolds. To know more about the first series of workshops visit here: 

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