Chania celebrates World Environment Day!

June 2023

On Saturday, June 10th, 2023, the Municipality of Chania, one of VARCITIES’ Pilot City, together with Technical University of Crete, their Pilot expert and VARCITIES’ coordinator, actively participated in the Municipality’s celebration of World Environment Day by setting up a specially designed booth dedicated to promoting our project. The event took place in the Markoupolo area, attracting thousands of individuals who had the opportunity to explore the new urban public space located in the heart of Chania. Various public agencies, services, and organisations joined forces to organize a range of activities aimed at raising environmental awareness. Additionally, as part of the event, 10,000 flowers (including jasmine and bougainvillea) were distributed to all attendees.

The Pilot Team from Chania showcased the overall vision of VARCITIES and provided visitors with updates on the progress of the two Visionary Solutions. At our VARCITIES booth, attendees had the chance to explore and experience various aspects of our project. Notably, they were able to examine the final designs of Visionary Solution 1, the Mobile Urban Living Room (MULaR). Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to engage with the GoNature game, a digital tool developed by VARCITIES. This immersive experience allowed users to interact with our Pilot sites in virtual reality (VR) using the HoloLens headset.