Chania’s VS 1: Mobile urban living room (MULαR) kicks off!

January 2024

In the last weeks of 2023, the construction of Chania’s Visionary Solution 1, the MULαR (Mobile Urban Living Room), started!

The MULαR is a portable, multifunctional and convertible construction, which will be set up in different areas of the city. Its goal is to redefine citizens’ relationship with public space and nature. Based on stakeholders’ feedback MULαR will be set up in several locations, including natural-green areas: the Municipal Garden and the Peace & Friendship Park, Agioi Apostoloi park/forest, small wetlands (e.g. the outfall of Kladissos river, close to Natura 2000 sites), Public Squares (e.g. Souda Square, Chalepa Square, etc.), Schoolyards and Neighborhoods.

MULαR will gather data on urban environmental conditions and citizens’ health and well-being to assess the current state of green spaces and propose strategies for future improvement. Citizens will interact with the solutions through mobile apps and games.