Coordination meeting of Veneto Regional Network of Local Landscape Observatories

December 2022

As part of the the Castelfranco Veneto Pilot, the Local Landscape Observatory of Castellana hosted on 19th Dember 2022 the annual coordination meeting of the 13 Local Landscape Observatories, all members of the Regional Network – Veneto Region. 

During the meeting hosted in Villa Revedin Bolasco, each local Observatory had the opportunity to present the activities carried out during 2022 and made proposals for activities promoted by the regional Observatory to be launched in 2023 . 

The Local Landscape Observatory of Castellana presented the importance of the participation of the Municipality of Castelfranco Veneto in VARCITIES and the co-creation and co-design initiatives undertaken since June 2021 in order to valorise the stakeholders’ feedback and contributions to the Municipality strategy for the landscape promotion. Moreover, the Local Landscape Observatory of Castellana illustrated the preliminary outcomes of the guidelines set-up, according to the landscape analysis carried out, in order to define the territorial peculiarities and adopt specific interventions and strategies for the requalification of the Castelfranco Veneto surroundings (i.e., implementation of green areas, use of specific plants along the pedestrian and bike flows, etc…).  

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Raffaele Cavalli (from University of Padova), contact person and manager of Villa Revedin Bolasco, held a guided tour of the Villa and its park, selected as one of the best Italian park in 2018.