Development update of the GoNature Game

April 2024

The GoNature Game is a citizen engagement tool developed as part of VARCITIES to foster environmental awareness and promoting active participation in our Pilot sites.

Check the trailer prepared by project partner DARTTEK!

Offering both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), it allows users to immerse themselves in a multimodal experience that educates and empowers them to contribute to the improvement of their surroundings

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Overworld development:

The overworld component continues offers players a multifaceted experience that goes beyond individual pilot sites. One notable feature will be the integration of dialogue-driven information dissemination, providing players with insights into environmental issues and solutions. Upon completion of all dialogues, players unlock access to the mini-game, adding a layer of progression and reward to their exploration efforts. The overworld also incorporates a collection aspect, encouraging players to gather seeds and water scattered throughout the map. However, players will hate to navigate carefully, as elements such as pollution clouds pose obstacles to their exploration!


Multiplayer Integration:

The multiplayer functionality, enabling multiple characters to navigate and experience virtual representations of each site simultaneously, is integrate to the latest development version. This feature fosters offers cooperative gameplay and friendly competition among players, encouraging collective action against environmental degradation. Whether cooperating to tackle environmental challenges or engaging in friendly competition, multiplayer mode enriches the gameplay!

Male player avatar and pollution monster

Pilot Expert Involvement:

Collaboration with Pilot Experts has been instrumental in shaping the narrative the GoNature Game. By providing invaluable insights and contributions, Pilot Experts help refine Places of Interest and dialogue sequences, ensuring that players are educated about  VARCITIES’ Visionary Solutions.

Over the past six months, significant progress have been made in the development of the GoNature Game:

  • Integration of VARCITIES REST API: The game now accesses real-time data from VARCITIES Pilot sites, enriching the user experience with accurate environmental information.
  • Validation and Retrieval of Pilot Site Data: Extensive testing has ensured the accuracy and reliability of data retrieval, laying the foundation for an informative and engaging gameplay experience.
  • Technical Testing has been conducted to optimize performance and functionality across platforms, for a smooth and immersive user experience.
  • Final Publishing of the App: a demo version is prepared for release to partners and stakeholders.

Project partner Darttek, GoNature’s main developer is currently collecting feedback & Technical Bugs allowing for further refinement and optimization of the game.

The GoNature Game has been showcased at several events, including in our Pilot Cities, engaging participants and showcasing the potential of immersive technology.

Stay tuned for more information as the GoNature Game heads for release soon!