Digital Suggestion Box

Welcome to VARCITIES’ Digital Suggestion Box!

VARCITIES is an ambitious project that puts the citizens and the “human communities” at the centre of future cities’ vision. Collecting suggestions and feedback from local residents and stakeholders allows us to test whether our approach is aligned with local needs and expectations.

We are very happy to receive ideas and feedback you may have on VARCITIES’ co-creation process and its Visionary Solutions in your city.

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Purpose: Why do we have a suggestion box?

In VARCITIES we want to co-create solutions with local residents and stakeholders, so we are very happy to receive ideas and feedback you have. Collecting suggestions and feedback from end-users also allows us to test if our approaches are aligned with local needs and expectations.

Selection of participants: Why are we asking you to participate?

The Digital Suggestion Box is open to any stakeholders having an interest in the development of the VARCITIES, especially those in one of the seven Pilot cities. We think residents and stakeholders should have a say about what happens in their city.

Participation is voluntary

The Digital Suggestion Box is open and it is completely up to you if you want to submit suggestions – you can also use it repeatedly if you like.

Even if you agree to participate now, you can change your mind later andcontact asking for your data to be deleted.

Data: What data will be collected and how long will be retained?

Beyond your written feedback, if you agree to it we would also collect your email address.

For more information on data and privacy, please check our Privacy Policy

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