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November 15th, 2020

Within the framework of VARCITIES project, we are pleased to announce that our consortium partner Crowdhelix has launched the Healthy Cities Helix, an international Open Innovation community of specialists in various fields such as environment, smart cities, architecture etc.

The new Helix is calibrated to support VARCITIES through its various development stages, including post-project. It will accelerate the project’s dissemination, communication and commercialisation strategies, in order to build a strong, self-sustaining community of like-minded stakeholders that will have access to updates on the project and collaborate with experts in their field of interest. The Crowdhelix Open Innovation platform will notably provide access to domain experts, SMEs & industry partners, as well as strategic links to commercial accelerators.

The goal is to have 150 organisations profiled on the Healthy Cities Helix by the end of the first year of the project (September 2021). They will include end-users, exploiters, participants of previously funded H2020 projects and other relevant industrial actors. This variety of stakeholders will cover all the project’s aspects, and will therefore guarantee continued interest from key actors, during and after the project. 

Are you involved in similar projects or do you have specific interest about healthy cities?  Are you looking for the replication of innovative solutions or for new business opportunity? Then join the Health City Helix and engage together with us in shaping healthier cities for healthier communities.

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