Town Hall Event in Leuven – Discover the future at “Benedenstad op zondag”

July 7, 2022

On June 12, 2022, Our Pilot City Leuven organised their Town Hall Event, “Benedenstad op zondag”,  which focused on the latest information on current & future projects in VARCITIES pilot area. This event captured a lot of attention from citizens. Approximately 500 people participated on that day.

The location – Romaanse Poort & Velodroom- was potentially becoming the future performing arts site, where visitors discovered the different aspects of the design at the information centre and perceived the atmosphere through performances and activities at the Velodrome and the Romanesque Gate. There were plenty of art and cultural activities such as Tango dance, adventurous ropes and balance courses, or enjoying beautiful performances from circus acts to pop-up music bands to polyphony. This event gave a foretaste to visitors of what can happen in this location in the upcoming years: music, theatre, circus, dance, media art and so on.

Moreover, 300 people took part in the guided walks across the Hertogen site, where the project’s solution plan will be executed. And around 50 people were interested in the VARcities project via informative posters and peer-to-peer explanations.

Stay tuned for the next phase of the project!

For more detail and future plan of the development, Click here