First series of VARCITIES Co-creation workshops

June 28th, 2021

During the month of June, we are organising the first series of Co-creation workshops in our Pilot Cities. These workshops are taking place both online and in-person (depending on local conditions), and they are involving different stakeholders and group representatives. This series is the first step in the co-creation process together with local communities, and it represents an important moment of participation. In fact, the Co-creation workshops are the occasion to present the project and co-design our visionary solutions together with local stakeholders.

The main goals of the first series of workshops are:

  • Introduce VARCITIES project & pilot sites to stakeholders ​
  • Present, validate and refine the first drafts of solutions 
  • Collect inputs on external factors (drivers, needs/wishes, challenges/barriers) that affect the implementation of the local visionary solutions
  • Collect inputs on stakeholder-driven KPIs for monitoring & evaluating
  • Present a first draft of the Health & Well-Being platform​
  • Collect inputs on preferred communication channels

We aim at increasing the health and well-being of citizens exposed to different climatic conditions and challenges, and we do it by putting citizens and the human communities at the centre of the  future cities’ vision. We prioritise an integrated and trans-disciplinary focus that considers the ecosystem in its entire complexity, including all members of society. Moreover, we believe that nature-based solutions approaches are inevitably unique and context-specific. This is why co-creation represents a fundamental component of VARCITIES project and our methodological approach. Including various stakeholders in the co-design process is one of our major objectives.

The Co-creation workshops are organised and coordinated by our partner Prospex Institute. Thank you to Michiel Dewagtere and Stefan Haenen for the work done so far. Read here the recap from our Pilot Cities: Castelfranco Veneto, Chania, Dundalk, Gzira, Leuven, Novo mesto and Skelleftea.

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