Gzira Preliminary Pop-up workshop 1

January 22, 2022

The University of Malta are organizing preliminary pop-up workshops in Gzira to engage citizens (residents and passers-by) for feedback about our visionary solutions. For this session we set up in Rue D’Argens Street where we set up a stall with project dissemination content being displayed and carried out an activity with participants. We asked questions such as; what is their relationship with the environment, how often do they use the street, the species of greenery and infrastructures they would find appealing in the area, what they like and dislike about the space. We involved a woodworker who carved a VARCITIES logo on a box made out of recycled wood. This activity was mainly used to gather data on the design of our interventions and also to analyse the perception of citizens regarding our project. Other similar activities will follow in different locations in Gzira.