Gzira received funding for ‘School Playscapes’

June 4th, 2021

The Arts Education Scheme is one of Arts Council’s Malta tools to sustain and support the recovery of the cultural and creative ecology, with a focus on arts education.

Our Pilot City in Malta, Gzira, has received funding to implement the initiative ‘School Playscapes – Innovative Learning Approaches Through Play’. This initiative is one of the inteventions integrated into VARCITIES local visionary action ‘Urban Biodiversity, Education and Engagement through a Co-Created Community Garden Project’.

‘School Playscapes project will co-create permanent artworks with the Gzira Primary School as playscapes that will consider both form and function as primary contributors to the artistic and educational aspect of this project. The artistic play structures will help students teach themselves and others through project-based and creative learning, while enhancing green spaces within this area, both for the children and nearby community to increase their physical health and psychological wellbeing. For the educational aspect of this project, greening interventions are considered essential in providing students with the suitable learning environment to help them think more clearly and creatively. The team aims to build student-centred project-based material with the teachers for the students using these green spaces. The design of the structure will take into consideration stakeholders with different needs, such as neurodiverse and physically impaired children.’

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