New deliverables approved for VARCITIES ICT tools

December 2023

We are pleased to report the approval by the European Commission, and publication on our website, of several new deliverables related to the design, development, prototyping and piloting of VARCITIES ICT components, including the Health & Well-Being Platform. These deliverables mark significant progress in the VARCITIES’ mission to enhance Health & Wellbeing (H&WB) in cities through urban digital transformation and nature-based actions.

D5.3: Upgraded Senstick

Led by Sensedge, this deliverable provides an overview of the work undertaken to develop three custom firmware for VARCITIES.

The sensors are a crucial part of VARCITIES for the quantification of Health & Well Being of the pilot’s citizens. No sensors on the market would fully fulfil the pilot sites’ needs; thus, custom sensors were to develop and produced by project partners, Sensedge and Cyclopolis. They are made of eco materials and have custom firmware that perfectly fits our needs.

Several Sensedge Senstick sensors are deployed in each pilot site participating in the VARCITIES project: Skellefteå (Sweden), Castelfranco Veneto (Italy), Novo mesto (Slovenia), Chania (Greece), Dundalk (Ireland), Gzira (Malta), and Leuven (Belgium). Cyclopolis bike sensor kit is deployed in the city of Chania.

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D5.4: Middleware (sensor management) platform

Also led by Sensedge, this deliverable presents an overview of VARCITIES middleware platform, Sensedge Middleware platform, an essential system for integrating and managing the network of sensors across the various VARCITIES Pilot sites.

Middleware platform architecture

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D5.5: VARCITIES Data Management Framework

Prepared by Aeterna (ex KORONA), this Deliverable compiles knowledge on the underlying concepts of VARCITIES Data Management Framework, related to local sensors, devices, and IoT datasets, which is transferable to ensures that technical personnel and stakeholders can comprehend the framework, facilitating replication and upscaling in diverse technical projects involving similar IT infrastructure needs.

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D5.7: VARCITIES H&WB platform stage first version – 3D model and existing data

Led by IES, this Deliverable presents the initial prototype of the Health & Well-Being Platform.

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D5.8: VARCITIES H&WB platform final – live data

Led by IES, this Deliverable presents the initial prototype of the Health & Well-Being Platform, which will soon be publicly available online!

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With the approval of these Deliverables, VARCITIES’ delivery is on the right track! We are making significant strides towards achieving our  goals of transforming our pilot cities into healthier and more sustainable environments.