Our Pilot City Leuven unveils their VS1, Olevodroom!

April 2024

© Bart Wierinckx

On Saturday 30th March, our Pilot City Leuven officially unveiled their Visionary Solution 1, The Olevodroom! A successor to the Velodrome present on the Hertogen site, the Olevodroom is as a vibrant meeting place, designed to accommodate various cultural events and urban sports activities, promoting health and well-being in the city!

© Jan Crab

The Olevodroom, adorned in a pink hue and constructed with pallet racks, replaces the former wooden cycling track Velodrome, which had occupied the site since 2021. Leuven’ s Councilor for culture Bert Cornillie emphasized the continuation of the site’s vibrant character, with a focus on fostering community engagement through a diverse range of activities. Serving as a temporary venue until construction commences for the future performing arts site, Olevodroom is directly supported by VARCITIES, as one of the five Visionnary Solutions developped in Leuven for the transformation of the former hospital.

© Bart Wierinckx

The Olevodroom was designed by artists Jozef Wouters and Menno Vandevelde, and built in collaboration with local youth organizations. Its multifunctional design caters to a range of activities, from parkour to hip-hop dance, aiming to cultivate a dynamic urban sports scene in Leuven.

The opening ceremony featured a diverse lineup of performers, including unicyclists, tango dancers, drummers, jugglers, and rappers, showcasing the venue’s versatility and inclusivity. Despite inclement weather, the event drew significant interest from the community, signaling promising prospects for the Olevodroom as a cultural and recreational hub in Leuven’s Lower City!

© Bart Wierinckx

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