Our Pilot in Gzira started micro-greening implementation for their Visionary Solution 1

May 2024

The Gżira Pilot site has commenced the micro-greening implementation at the Vilhena bus stop with the support of the Gżira Local Council as part of Visionary Solution 1. Two trees have been delivered and planted to increase the shaded and seating surface area for bus users, and incentivise alternative modes of transport.

This implementation paves the way for the Green Shelter project which expands on VARCITIES bus station greening to foster a more sustainable urban environment. Green Shelter aims to reclaim the street for public use, improve the quality of life for citizens and enhance ecosystem services through nature-based solutions. Led by the Research Innovation Unit on behalf of the Gżira Local Council and funded by the Project Green Community Greening Grant, the project will transform an adjacent street into a green pedestrian zone. Features will include permeable paving, tree pits, and planters acting as bioswales to reduce stormwater runoff and irrigation needs. Native plants will be planted to attract pollinators, and a green canopy over the bus stop will be created with trees and vines to provide shade.

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