Our Pilot team in Gzira further works with green walls

June 2024

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve urban living conditions in Gzira, VARCITIES pilot team in Gzira has launched a new innovative project to tackle air pollution and enhance the health of pedestrians, also focusing on their Pilot site Rue D’Argens which suffers from high levels of pollution due to the concentration of traffic and limited airflow.

Called APACHE, short for Aerodynamic, Pedestrian Level, Air-quality Control using Urban Vegetation Elements, this new project aims at reducing fine dust particles in the air using nature-based solutions. APACHE is designed to create barriers between pedestrians and traffic. These barriers, which can be either vegetative or solid, aim to reduce the dispersion of pollutants at street level. By studying wind patterns and pollutant dispersion in Rue D’Argens, the project will develop effective strategies to shield pedestrians from harmful emissions.

APACHE builds upon Gzira’s Visionary Solution 1, which saw micro-greening interventions on the Rue d’Argens

Following a co-creation process very similar to VARCITIES’ approach, the team behind APACHE has conducted workshops and feedback sessions with Gzira residents to ensure that the solutions are practical and meet the community’s needs.

APACHE is funded by the Malta Council for Science and Technology.

By integrating community feedback with cutting-edge research, the VARCITIES pilot team in Gzira is at the forefront of developing sustainable urban solutions to improve air quality and pedestrian health but also serves as a model for other urban areas facing similar challenges. Their innovative approach to air quality control promises to make city streets healthier and more livable, paving the way for a greener healthier cities.

Discover more about Gżira’s Pilot on their Pilot page.