Field visit in Novo Mesto pilot

June 17, 2022
Novo Mesto Pilot

As part of WP4, Prospex Institute performs field visits to VARCITIES’ pilots to observe progress made on the design and implementation of the visionary solutions, assess the impact of co-creation activities involving local stakeholders and evaluate the future co-creation needs and potential challenges.

On Wednesday 15th June, 2022, our project partner Prospex Institute traveled to Novo Mesto for a field visit of the municipality’s pilot supported by VARCITIES. They were welcome by Novo Mesto’s pilot team who led their visit through the site and introduced the different planned nature-based solutions.

Novo Mesto presented their plan for stakeholders’ involvement and Prospex Institute gave them methodological expertise with regards to whom to identify and how, and how to actually engage specific stakeholder groups.

It is always good for VARCITIES’ partners to meet face to face and get to discover the different pilot sites.

Novo Mesto is planning their Town Hall event for Spring 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates!