In this section you will find different resources that were developed in the framework of the project, such as Deliverables, Newsletter, Video, etc.

Project Deliverables

VARCITIES is structured in 9 different Work Packages. Each Work Package includes a series of tasks and deliverables which are implemented by specific project partners according to their knowledge and skills.
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Scientific publications

VARCITIES contributes to scientific research for greener and healthier cities and supports new innovative solutions.
Our publications


Over the course of the project, we have developed several videos presenting our work. You can find more on our YouTube channel.
Our channel


Our Newsletter is sent twice per year until the end of the project. Here are the past editions.


Discover our citizen engagement activities, as part of VARCITIES co-creation process!

Our replication and exploitation platforms

VARCITIES will support knowledge exchange between a large network of municipalities and contribute to the development of two ICT plaforms!

VARCITIES City-to-City Exchange

Support knowledge exchange between seven Pilot Cities and 28 Partner Cities!


Healthy Cities Helix

Transfer, upscale and sustain innovation from VARCITIES through a community of best practice!


Health and Well-Being Platform

Available soon!

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