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City-to-City Exchange

To support the replication of VARCITIES approach, each of the seven Pilot Cities engages with four other Partner Cities in City-to-City Exchange to promote and upscale their Visionary Solutions, exchange on common challenges, barriers and experiences. Notably, the City-to-City Exchange aims to cover issues linked with stakeholder engagement, governance, replication, IT solutions and inclusivity. Through cross-learning, the 28 Partner Cities will participate in an online knowledge exchange with one of the Pilot Cities, supported by VARCITIES’ team, which may also be complemented by site visits.

Partner Cities are invited to join the Healthy Cities Helix, and future collaboration supported by European funding programmes will be explored.

Collaboration between municipalities and public organisations from different member states underscores VARCITIES’ commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Open Calls for Partner Cities

Our Pilot Cities are actively looking for Parner Cities!

Implemented activities

Our Pilot Cities are already collaborating with several municipalities!

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