D5.3: Upgraded Senstick

Work Package 5, led by Integrated Environmental Solutions, supports the digital innovation of VARCITIES by designing and developing all the ICT infrastructure required to collect, store, analyse and visualise data coming from all Pilots and make them available to different stakeholders including citizens in an easily understandable and engaging way.

Specifically, Task 5.3 saw the development of three specialized sensors to evaluate the Health & Well-Being indicators in selected pilot cities. These include custom sensors developed by Sensedge and Cyclopolis, the Sensedge Senstick, an eco-friendly and award-winning LoRaWAN sensor, Cyclopolis Bike Sensor Kit and Sensedge Traffic Counter.

Key messages

  • Three innovative sensors were engineered specifically by VARCITIES to evaluate Health & Well-Being indicators in selected pilot cities. This custom firmware was made as no existing market alternatives fully met the specific needs of the pilot sites.
  • Several Sensedge Senstick sensors have been deployed in various pilot sites across Europe, indicating the potential for replication and scalability in diverse geographic and urban settings.
  • The Cyclopolis Bike Sensor Kit, equipped with Particulate Matter and T&H sensors, allows citizens to measure air quality throughout the city by attaching the sensor to bicycles. This feature has potential applications for replication in other urban contexts.
  • The Sensedge Traffic Counter, a camera-based sensor using computer vision for traffic analysis, is still in development.

Executive Summary

The purpose of the D5.3 is to provide an overview of the work undertaken under T5.3 Custom Sensor Development. Three innovative sensors are developed: Sensedge Senstick, Cyclopolis Bike Sensor Kit, and Sensedge Traffic Counter.

The sensors are a crucial part of the VARCITIES project for the quantification of Health & Well Being of the pilot’s citizens. No sensors on the market would fully fulfil the pilot sites’ needs; thus, custom sensors were to develop and produced by project partners, Sensedge and Cyclopolis. They are made of eco materials and have custom firmware that perfectly fits our needs.

Several Sensedge Senstick sensors are deployed in each pilot site participating in the VARCITIES project: Skellefteå (Sweden), Castelfranco Veneto (Italy), Novo mesto (Slovenia), Chania (Greece), Dundalk (Ireland), Gzira (Malta), and Leuven (Belgium). Cyclopolis bike sensor kit is deployed in the city of Chania.

This is a confidential deliverable, as such, the full deliverable is not available to the public.

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