D5.5: VARCITIES data management framework

Work Package 5, led by Integrated Environmental Solutions, supports the digital innovation of VARCITIES by designing and developing all the ICT infrastructure required to collect, store, analyse and visualise data coming from all Pilots and make them available to different stakeholders including citizens in an easily understandable and engaging way.

Specifically, Task 5.4 “Coordination of local databases” aims to establish a common framework for data management across all VARCITIES
pilots, to ensure a proper functioning of the higher-level functionalities of the developed ICT monitoring platform. This Deliverable presents VARCITIES Data Management Framework, the final outcome of the task.

Key messages

  • A comprehensive data management framework is key for advanced technical projects spanning multiple municipalities across Europe
  • A first step involved mapping and harmonizing preexisting public data sources, project-specific data sets, and various sensor-specific data to enable a complete overview of all relevant data streams. This harmonization effort ensured standardized connection protocols and governance for both local and general contexts.
  • Local governance plans, safe backup strategies, and minimum hardware requirements for local IT applications needed to be developed and contribute to the reliability and sustainability of the infrastructure, facilitating potential replication in other projects or locations.
  • The Deliverable compiles knowledge on the underlying concepts of the framework, related to local sensors, devices, and IoT datasets, which is transferable to ensures that technical personnel and stakeholders can comprehend the framework, facilitating replication and upscaling in diverse technical projects involving similar IT infrastructure needs.

Executive Summary

This Deliverable reports on the work completed as part of WP5, Task 5.4, “Coordination and harmonisation of the local databases”. The objective of the task was to collect all existing data sources, as well as project-specific data sources, in a comprehensive way to:

  • Enable the experts to connect the data to the VARCITES REST API,
  • Provide stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the IT infrastructure connected to Visionary Solutions and NBS.

As part of this task, local governance plans, safe backup and stated minimum hardware requirements for local IT applications were also developed. This harmonisation efforts of all local databases ensure a complete overview of all data sources, types of sensors, their formats and connection protocols, and the current connection statuses, e.g., working devices. Successful connection of all data sources enables the development of the higher-level functionalities of the VARCITIES’ H&WB platform.

This is a confidential deliverable, as such the full deliverable is not available to the public.

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