D5.7: VARCITIES H&WB platform stage first version – 3D model and existing data

Work Package 5, led by Integrated Environmental Solutions, supports the digital innovation of VARCITIES by designing and developing all the ICT infrastructure required to collect, store, analyse and visualise data coming from all Pilots and make them available to different stakeholders including citizens in an easily understandable and engaging way.

Specifically, Task 5.6 aims to develop VARCITIES’ Health and Well-Being Platform, following specifications developed in T5.2 and extend capabilities of existing IES software tools. The Deliverable presents a detailed documentation on the initial prototype, the development process and finalisation of Dashboards.

Key messages

  • The initial prototype of VARCITIES H&WB platform includes available data from pilot sites, with updates expected as sites implement solutions and collect sensor data, and 3D map views.
  • The design and development process consider the unique characteristics of each of VARCITIES 7 Pilot sites, suggesting adaptability for replication in various cities with distinct requirements and conditions: the platform is a scalable framework with potential district of city-wide up-scaling, or replication in diverse urban settings with similar health and well-being objectives.
  • Citizen feedback mechanisms, at the core of VARCITIES co-creation process, fostered the potential for successful adoption and fostered community engagement, ensuring the platform’s relevance in the different locations.

Executive Summary

D5.7 represents the work completed as part of Work Package 5, T5.6 ‘VARCITIES Health & well-being platform deployment’. The tasks objective is to develop the VARCITIES H&WB platform starting from the specifications defined in T5.2 and further extending the capabilities of the existing software tools from IES.

This report is not intended to show the final, complete version of the platform, but instead shows the initial prototype version which has existing available data included in it from each of the pilot sites. As each pilot site implements their visionary solutions and starts to obtain data from the sensors installed, this will become amiable in the H&WB platforms. Updates to how the sites look in the platform, and visualisations from the sensor data can then be completed.

The first version of the H&WB platform using existing data and 3D map views, has been demonstrated, as well as the design and development process, engagement with stakeholders and the completion of the Dashboards.

The final list of Dashboards to be developed, is shown below, the first three of which are shown in this report:

  1. VARCITIES Overview – EU map with each site location, with H&WB data for comparison.
  2. Pilot Site Overview – overview of city, pilot site, solutions and key H&WB indicators.
  3. Pilot Site H&WB Dashboard – 3D view of site, location and information about solutions.
  4. Pilot Site Key Indicators – data/results from sensors in visual and engaging view.
  5. Biodiversity – all vegetation and species found in the area can be shown on the 3D view.
  6. Feedback – embedded questionnaires to allow citizens to feedback on how the site made them feel.
  7. All Indicators – all current and past H&WB indicator results.

All of these items will be finalised and reported on as part of D5.8 ‘VARCITIES H&WB platform final- live data’.

This is a confidential deliverable, as such, the full deliverable is not available to the public.

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