D6.1 Visionary Integrated Solutions Implementation Framework

Work Package 6, led by E2ARC, aims to define a roadmap for the successful implementation of VARCITIES green and digital solutions, optimising the implementation and delivery process, and providing guidelines to ensure the sustainability of the applied solutions.

Specifically, within WP6, Task 6.1 has the objective to create of a general implementation framework for the Visionary Solutions Packages.

Key messages

  • The main aim of D6.1 is to provide an overarching implementation framework that will serve as a resource to VARCITIES’ Pilots.
  • The implementation framework is meant to be further developed and adapted by the VARCITIES Pilots, in order to fully reflect their needs and specificities towards the implementation of their Visionary Solutions, eventually leading to the development of individual implementation and execution plans and to the presentation of the Cost-management program for pilots’ implementation and solutions maintenance.
  • The presented implementation framework can also serve as an example to be followed by other cities addressing similar challenges for implementing their ambitious solutions.

Executive Summary

Following the completion of the co-identification and the co-design process, and in order to ensure the successful realisation of the VARCITIES Visionary Solutions, a key objective is to optimise the quality of interventions and the effectiveness of the implementation process, in an effort to also address the time and money spent on maintenance. This deliverable constitutes an implementation framework developed through an integrated approach including technology, regulatory, financial, environmental and social perspectives. It supports the procurement, implementation and handover of the planned Visionary Solutions, with the overall scope to establish sustainable models for increasing the health and well-being of citizens. Stakeholder involvement is also addressed to support the continuous evaluation and adjustment of the Visionary Solutions. Informed decisions about the implementation itself are promoted, while we gain better understanding onto whether a Visionary Solution can be up-scaled and/or replicated

This is a confidential deliverable, as such the full deliverable is not available to the public.

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