D7.2: Report on the Evaluation results and analysis for each pilot

Work Package 7, led by University of Malta, targets the development of a KPI-based toolkit and roadmap for the implementation of NBS interventions.

Specifically, within WP7, Task 7.3 synthesised data across evaluations through a systematic review and extrapolated findings. This Deliverable presents the evaluation results, recommendations and impacts of the project.

Key messages

  • D7.2 presents the EKLIPSE challenges being addressed in the VARCITIES Pilot Sites, as well as the wide array of KPIs being measured within them and the Monitoring & Evaluation process.
  • Interim baseline results are reported herein, together with a documentation of the data collection methods being employed by the pilot leaders and experts to measure them.
  • Early forecasts and cross-comparisons of results between the sites are included in the preliminary analysis for the KPIs collected to date

Executive Summary

The main scope of WP7 is to report on the evaluation results from the implementation of VSs in the pilot sites: Chania, Gżira, Castelfranco, Novo Mesto, Leuven, Skelleftea and Dundalk. In D7.2, WP7 are presenting the baseline results that have been collected by the end of 2023. The post-implementation results will follow in D7.3 after the implementation of VSs takes place in February 2024. It will present the completed KPI data collection process and technical specification on how the measurements were taken based on the EKLIPSE Framework, in alignment with SDGs and the TFll Handbook. D7.4 will then consist of the replication toolkit with a roadmap of the process since the inception of the VARCITIES project, including the co-creation process and results relevant to each pilot to encourage and guide potential cities in the replication of the VARCITIES VSs.

This is a public deliverable, you can download it below.

Disclaimer: this Deliverable has not been yet approved by the European Commission

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