Sensors deployment in Gżira

April 2023

In the first months of the year, our City partner Gżira and its Pilot Expert, University of Malta, deployed 10 sensors across VARCITIES intervention area. These include eight fixed sensors and two Sensedge, battery powered sensors.

Of the fixed sensors, four are situated on Rue D’Argens, a key street in Gżira’s pilot, one has been placed at the Gzira primary school, and the remaining three have been placed in parallel/proximal streets to Rue D’Argens. The fixed sensors are either at resident’s properties or  in public spaces (such as the council buildings, a pumping station or local gardens). Of the two sensedge sensors, one has been installed at a resident’s property at Savoy Garden’s (again on Rue D’Argens) and one has been installed at a coworking space (SOHO offices) in The Strand, which is close to Rue D’Argens.

The fixed sensor measures particulate matter (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0, PM10) as part of Visionary Solutions 2. Indeed, particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 or less is thought to be more dangerous to human health. These “fine” particles remain in the air for longer and are more likely to be inhaled by humans or animals.

Two fixed sensors still need to be installed.

These data will also feed into the upcoming Health and Well-Being Platform, currently under development.

Discover more about Gżira’s Pilot on their Pilot page.