Sensors deployment in Novo Mesto

March 2023

In the first months of the year, our City partner Novo Mesto, together with their technical providers Sensedge and KORONA, has installed their first VARCITES’s sensors. The sensors are deployed as part of Novo Mesto’s Visionary Solution 1, which will see the greening of military brownfield at the pilot sit.

Five sensors are now measuring microclimate parameters (temperature and humidity) in the vicinity, as well as in town. Two sensors are indeed installed in the urban area of Novo Mesto, while the 3 others are installed within the nature area of Češča vas. The measurements help track the difference in climate and air quality parameters between the Pilot site and the urban centre of the city.

These data will also feed into the upcoming Health and Well-Being Platform, currently under development.

Discover more about Novo Mesto’s Pilot on their Pilot page.