Socio-cultural event in Novo Mesto: Dance Battle!

April 2024

On April 20, 2024, an international dance battle of young talents was organised at our Pilot site in Novo Mesto, the Olympic Center! Supported by VARCITIES, the event ‘Young Styles battle’ attracted more than 70 competitors from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria! The dancers performed on the platform in front of the Novo mesto Swimming Pool and were cheered on by 150 visitors, who enjoyed the lively dance action!

Public spaces are envisioned as people-centered areas that support creativity, inclusivity, health, and happiness for the citizens”, said Peter Geršič, head VARCITIES’ Pilot Team in Novo mesto Municipality, highlightinh the vision of our project and expressing his satisfaction that the dance event made this vision a reality!

The break dance competition was intended for the youngest dancers up to 14 years of age. For this age group, there are very few dance competion of this kind organised in Slovenia and Novo mesto Olympic Centre at our Pilot site proved to be an excellent venue for organising such an event!

“I am glad that the Novo mesto Olympic Centre is also open for urban culture events and that it offers such an excellent infrastructure for both competitors and spectators. We will be happy to organize more competitions here, and colleagues from Croatia and Austria will certainly visit it as well, since they were impressed by the nature-based solutions for sports and recreation offered by the facilities and green surroundings of the centre,” said Robi Grmek, organizer of the event from Plesni studio Novo mesto. “Dance is an excellent source of health and well-being for all generations,” he added.

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