Socio-cultural event in Novo Mesto: Treasure Hunt

June 2024

Our Pilot City Novo Mesto organised socio-cultural event on May 17th 2024 specifically for children, inviting them for a treasure hunt across the Pilot site, Novo Mesto Olympic Centre and its surrounding area, Park Češča Vas.

Over 100 children and their parents participated in the event, centered around a fun activity designed to engage children and encourage exploration. Participants followed clues along the jogging trail within the complex, ultimately discovering a hidden treasure.

While the exact nature of the treasure wasn’t specified, Novo Mesto’s Pilot team aimed to emphasize the value of health, nature, and spending time with loved ones. Following the treasure hunt, the event transitioned into a celebratory atmosphere. The Novo Mesto-based music band Tretji Kanu performed a concert for the children and their families. The band’s setlist featured songs from their album “Adventures of Peter the Snail,” potentially adding a familiar and engaging element for the young audience.

We are pleased that, thanks to the well-attended events that we organized with the support of the VARCITIES project, many organizations and individuals have recognized the Novo mesto Olympic Centre as an ideal place for organizing large, small and private events. The centre enables a combination of sports, recreational and relaxation activities in the shady greenery of the natural environment, on flat concrete surfaces and in the covered areas of the pool and the velodrome, which means that diverse events can take place throughout the year and in all weather conditions, “ Peter Geršič, head of the VARCITIES Pilot Team at the Municipality of Novo mesto, commented on the good attendance of the events at the Olympic Centre Novo mesto in the past weeks.

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