Socio-cultural event in Novo Mesto: Bicycle Day

May 2024

Our Pilot site in Novo Mesto, Novo Mesto Olympic Centre and its surrounding area, Park Češča Vas, came back to life with the first rays of Spring, inviting visitors to active relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet close enough for a family cycling trip or an easy hike from the centre of Novo Mesto.

On April 14, 2024, the center hosted Bicycles Day, attracting over 150 cycling enthusiasts. The event aimed to promote cycling participation and offered a diverse range of activities tailored to different cycling disciplines.

Road cyclists had the opportunity to test their endurance and skills. Mountain bike enthusiasts explored the designated off-road trails within the center’s grounds. Leisure riders, including families with children, enjoyed scenic cycling routes around the Olympic complex A dedicated training area was set up for younger participants, allowing them to practice cycling maneuvers under safe and controlled conditions. Police officers from the Novo Mesto Police Station were present to educate them on essential road traffic regulations, fostering safe cycling habits from a young age.

Beyond the physical activity, the event offered a space for relaxation and entertainment. Participants could embark on leisurely forest bike rides amidst the scenic surroundings of the Olympic Center. A designated area within the recreational park served as a venue for a storytelling session, where a Kamishibai performance entertained both children and adults.

The event also served as a platform for the cycling community to come together and raise funds for a physically challenged individual. The collected donations aimed to support the purchase of an adapted bicycle, facilitating greater mobility and independence for the recipient.

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