SROI workshop in Gzira

March 2024

On March 15th 2024, our Pilot team in Gzira organised their Social Return on Investment (SROI) workshop.

The SROI methodology is tool derived from the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) methodology to enable the comprehensive evaluation of interventions by accounting for their social, economic, and environmental impacts. Unlike traditional assessments, which prioritize economic metrics, SROI provides a framework for quantifying and prioritizing social outcomes.

Through stakeholder engagement and rigorous methodology, the SROI methodology developed by EURAC aims to quantify the social performance of investments made in Visionary Solutions (VSs) for public spaces within VARCITIES .

At the SROI workshop, Gzira Pilot Team followed the guidelines developed by EURAC to obtain the value Gzira residents placed on the different VARCITIES solutions developed in Gzira.

Discover more about Gżira’s Pilot on their Pilot page.