Summer in our Novo Mesto pilot!

August 2023

Our Pilot City Novo Mesto is on track with the implementation of its Visionary Solutions!

ICT and IoT platforms up and running

Progress has been made at the pilot site located in Novo mesto on Visionary Solutions 4 and 5, following the deployments of sensors this Spring.  The focus has been on developing and finalizing ICT and IoT platforms, which are currently in testing phases. The ICT platform serves as the hub for managing and facilitating communication within the recreational area of park Češča vas, which is also where VARCITIES pilot site is situated, in the newly established Novo mesto Olympic Center.

This platform plays a crucial role in integrating various functions aimed at engaging citizens and overseeing facility management. It accomplishes this by monitoring occupancy, usage patterns, and providing essential information such as water and air quality metrics. Additionally, the IoT platform plays an integral role within the pilot site’s ICT system. It’s responsible for collecting and conducting initial analyses of diverse data points gathered from the site. These encompass visitor movement, mobility patterns, air quality levels, and other pertinent environmental parameters.

Looking ahead, the upcoming phase in September will involve the integration of both systems and sensors. Notably, a significant focus will be placed on making the collected data accessible to the public through the Health and Well-Being platform. Public access to health and well-being data is key component of VARCITIES.

Streamlining Health and Well-Being activities in Novo Mesto thanks to VARCITIES

On August 17, 2023 representatives from the Novo mesto Olympic Center, the Health Education Center, and the VARCITIES project agreed to join their efforts to offer an enhanced and integrative programme of activities, which will see the introduction of new water activities in October 2023 and further extension to also include the trim track developed in the forest surrounding the Olympic Center, as part of Visionary Solution 2. This will support the interconnectedness of sports, recreational and therapeutic facilities, as part of Visionary Solution 3.

Opening of the swimming pool facilities on 8th of September

The official start of operations at the Novo mesto Swimming Pool, as part of Olympic Center is scheduled for September 1, 2023, with a formal inauguration of the pool planned for September 8th. VARCITIES’ role in supporting the development of the recreational area will be featured. Look forward to more information on the event in a few weeks.