Town Hall Event in Skellefteå

2nd November 2022

On Thursday, 28th October 2022, Skellefteå’s Town Hall Event was organised as part of the final steps of the co-design phase. The event was centered around a Workshop and an Open House.

The Workshop gathered stakeholders representing landlords, schools, Exploratoriet (experience-based educational center for kids), the allotment association, and more. This was opportunity for them to not only better understand the project but also provide feedback to the local pilot team and their partners, helping them finalise the design and ensure all opinions were taken into consideration.

The Open house had an exhibition offering the possibility to participants to get better acquainted with VARCITIES’ pilot in Skellefteå and a number of activities to involve the different types of stakeholders, including Swedish fika (or afternoon coffee) for pre-school and school children.

It was a very appreciated day for both visitors and the project members, as well as the local partners helping develop VARCITIES’ pilot in Skellefteå.

At the core of VARCITIES, we believe that nature-based solutions are inevitably unique and context-specific. This is why the co-creation process together with local communities is an important aspect of our Project and it represents a key moment of participation.