VARCITIES at PHILEA Pre-Forum in Šibenik

June 2023

We were  featured during the PHILEA (Philanthropy Europe Association) Pre-Forum in Šibenik, Croatia, in the presence of Southern European Members of the EU (MED9) ambassadors, European Foundations, and experts.

The purpose of the event was to address the challenges faced by Mediterranean countries and discuss European perspectives on sustainable development, specifically focusing on the MED9 countries.

During the presentation, VARCITIES’ Visionary Solutions (VSs) were highlighted, with a particular focus on the Social Return on Investment (SROI) activities carried out within the project to measure social impact in monetary terms. Elisa Vasiliu from Eurac Research and Peter Geršič from our Pilot City Novo Mesto presented the expected positive outcomes of VARCITIES’ solutions. They provided a detailed overview of the VSs implemented in the Novo Mesto pilot , showcasing the anticipated changes for local stakeholders. Additionally, the results of the SROI analysis conducted in our italian pilot, Castelfranco Veneto, were also discussed.

Following the presentation, the ambassadors and foundations expressed their interest in the project and appreciated the clear communication of the results.