VARCITIES presented at the International Ecological Engineering Society 2023 Conference!

October 2023

On Monday 2nd of October, our project coordinator Denia Kolokotsa participated the International Conference “Closed cycles and the Circular Society 2023: The power of ecological engineering” of the International Ecological Engineering Society (IEES), organised in Chania in Greece.

Co-chairing a session on “The impact of urban NBS on public health and well-being”, Denia had the opportunity to present VARCITIES’ Pilots in Dundalk and Skellefteå. As part of the session, Denia also delivered a common presentation together with VARCITIES’ sister project euPOLIS centered around  innovative solutions to enhance public spaces and promote health and wellbeing in urban environments, where she specifically focused on Chania‘s Pilot and VARCITIES ICT components (the Health & Well-Being platform and the GoNature Game).

More information about the conference: