VARCITIES presented at the New European Bauhaus 2022!

June 30, 2022

On June 9-12, 2022, VARCITIES teams shared a booth with the JUSTNature project and the SciCultureD project to give information, flyers and brochures about the project’s visions, objectives, and our partnership networks.

Within the same booth, three Nature-Based Solution projects (NBS) united to provide citizens with natural public spaces by transforming public spaces into safe, inclusive, and accessible places. We illustrated to audiences how everyone could live in better, greener public spaces thought participatory urban-planning game, Virtual Reality simulation, workshops and fruitful conversation for 3 days.

Our VARCITIES Project shares similar goals with more focus on visionary ideas and add value by establishing sustainable models for increasing the health and well-being of citizens: children, young people, middle aged, and the elderly. Moreover, we sets the ambitious target to advance innovation across different urban scales by fully exploiting nature-based solutions from a digital, social and cultural perspective.

Stay tuned for the next phase of the project!