VARCITIES Spotlight #3 – Cyclopolis

December 13th, 2021

Cyclopolis was established in 2011 with the vision to design, build and operate micro-mobility systems.

Our philosophy is to provide whatever necessary for our Systems’ success.  Committed to innovation, we tailor Systems to our customer’s needs.  We design our systems with a view to their longevity.

Cyclopolis goal is the provision of integrated services to each customer (be they a municipality, a university or any community) so that, through their experience, they promote the use of bicycle as a means of transportation and a solution to a series of problems of modern cities.

Cyclopolis has successfully delivered more than 20 bike sharing projects and has successfully cooperated with several private entities for the same purposes, including Coca Cola Hellas SA, WIND Hellas and Alpha Bank.

The role in VARCITIES

The main role of Cyclopolis within VARCITIES is to develop a sensor kit that can be mounted safely on public bicycles (or any other micromobility means, e.g. scooters) and will be able to provide the H&WB Platform with air quality measurements regarding pollutants that are extremely harmful to human health and well-being (mainly PMx) and can be measured effectively only on a local level (street, neighbourhood).  Furthermore, these measurements will be enriched with ridership and health data (through smart grips pulse measurements) so as to assess the effect of the project on citizens’ health and well-being.  The sensor kits are expected to be deployed in several European cities in the coming spring. Below is a picture of the main idea and our Prototype B of the kit:

Based on its long-lasting relationship with the municipality of Chania, Greece, and of course, its geographical proximity, Cyclopolis is also actively involved with its technical and business skills in the design and implementation of Chania Municipality’s visionary solutions, participating in the stakeholders’ engagement and co-creation process (WP 3 & 4).

The same involvement goes to the design and implementation of the project’s ICT solutions and ICT H&WB Platform, since this will be the place where our data will be being sent to, stored and presented (WP5).

Cyclopolis will also be participating in the commercialization strategy of the products developed under the project as well as in the dissemination of the project’s progress and results (WP 8 & 9).

For any question or information regarding Cyclopolis, please contact or send us a message at