Align | Natural Capital Management Accounting Seminar | Extractives sector

8 March 2022

On Tuesday March 8 from 14-16h CET / 13-15h BST, Align is organising a natural capital management accounting seminar focusing on the extractives sector.

The objective of the seminar is to facilitate best practice exchange amongst corporate practitioners and relevant stakeholders by:

  • Identifying state of the art natural capital management accounting practices that are suitable for integrating environmental impacts and dependencies across the value chain in routine business and economic decision-making processes across all principal sectors of the economy; and
  • Establishing a foundation of practice which supports the development and embedding of methods and metrics to measure biodiversity related business impacts and dependencies.

During the first part of the Seminar various sectoral case studies will be presented. The second part will be a structured discussion based on these real-life applications looking at how businesses made the connection to biodiversity.

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