Project Deliverables

VARCITIES is structured in 9 different Work Packages. Each Work Package includes a series of tasks and deliverables which are implemented by specific project partners according to their knowledge and skills.

All project deliverables are subject to the final approval of the European Commission. Some deliverables will be made public to further disseminate and promote the results of VARCITIES.

Discover more about our work in each Work Package and the Deliverables completed so far!

WP1 and WP2 focus respectively on Ethics and Management, therefore their content will remain confidential.

Work Package 3 - Problems identification and design of visionary solutions

The main objective of the WP3 is to provide a common framework to achieve visionary and integrated innovative solutions that achieve a significant increase in Health &Well-being in cities, making citizens happier and contributing to the community evolution towards achieving SDGs.

D3.1 Guidelines on baseline creation and data collection
D3.2 Common database and knowledge baseline

Work Package 4 - Stakeholders Engagement and Co-creation

This WP aims to implement tailor-made participatory processes for all levels of engagement, for example, internal, local and European, with the aim of facilitating VARCITIES co-design solutions, keeping in mind the digital nature of some of the VARCITIES products.

Work Package 5 - ICT solutions and ICT Health & Well-Being Platform

The objective of WP 5 is to design and develop all the ICT infrastructure required to collect, store, analyse and visualise data coming from all pilots and make them available to different STKs including citizens in an easily understandable and engaging way.

Work Package 6 - Visionary Solutions Implementation

Work Package 6 will define a roadmap for the successful implementation of VARCITIES green and digital solutions, optimising the implementation and delivery process, and providing guidelines to ensure the sustainability of the applied solutions.

Work Package 7 - KPI development, Monitoring and Evaluation

The main goals of WP7 is to substantiate KPI-monitoring protocols, develop a Monitoring and Evaluating framework, prepare finding and cross-comparison from the analysis of the visionary solutions implemented, and prepare an open access archive.

Work Package 8 - Exploitation and business models

Work Package 8 will focus on coordinating and protect the Intellectual Property, guiding the filing of minimum 2-3 patents with the the ultimate goal of protecting and retaining the commercially strategic IP “for Europe” and “within Europe”, in turn giving commercialising actors within the consortium a competitive advantage on a worldwide stage. It will also create a business plan and a commercialisation strategy by the end of the project.

Work Package 9 - Dissemination and Communication

The overall objective of WP9 is to support the engagement and outreach activities between the VARCITIES Consortium and stakeholders, and to accelerate the impact of VARCITIES solutions and uptake by key target audiences through effective communication and dissemination strategies and activities.