D5.6 Rest-API development and testing of connectivity with the eight pilots

Work Package 5, led by Integrated Environmental Solutions, supports the digital innovation of VARCITIES by aiming to design and develop all the ICT infrastructure required to collect, store, analyse and visualise data coming from all Pilots and make them available to different stakeholders including citizens in an easily understandable and engaging way.

Specifically, within WP5, TSI led Task 5.5 to develop the central Application Programming Interface for the development and testing of the VARCITIES REST API. D5.6 is the result of this Task.

 Key messages

VARCITIES REST API interconnection of the:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) sensors
  • local database
  • Health & Well Being (H&WB) Platform
  • GoNature game
  • provides access to 3rd party STK that want access the VARCITIES data

All infrastructure use open source software (Fiware, CKAN, …) and  is based on micro-services architecture and runs on cloud

Local implementation in each of the Pilot site for increase data security/privacy, reliability

Open Data platform to share sensors data with GEOSS portal, regional and national data platforms

Executive Summary

The purpose of this deliverable is to provide an overview of the work that undertaken under Task 5.5.The VARCITIES REST API is utilised to interconnect the local databases by the eight pilots with the Health &WellBeingPlatform. An overview of the main components of the VARCITIES Information and communications technology infrastructure, outlining their functionality and how they interface with the other components, is presented.

This is a confidential deliverable, as such the full deliverable is not available to the public.

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