D9.2 – Branding Identity Guidelines

The Deliverable 9.2 “Branding Identity and Guidelines” included the realisation of the Manual “Project branding and Visual Identity Guidelines”.

The manual is composed of two parts. The first on branding guidelines representing the values and tone to be used in communications. The second on the visual identity, logo use and other templates. The overall goal of the Manual is to support the consortium in all communication and dissemination activities, ensuring consistency and a solid identity to VARCITIES.

Part I (Project Branding Guidelines) highlights the following elements:

  • Story: it introduces the consortium and it presented how it developed the concept of VARCITIES. VARCITIES acknowledges the complexity and opportunities for future cities. It wants to place their citizens at its heart by involving them in the needed change towards a healthier, happier, creative and inclusive future.
  • Values: it highlights the core values of the project that will shape and characterize our actions. Our planet’s future is our concern and contemporary cities need healthy communities. To achieve improved well-being, every part of society needs to be involved, from decision-makers to citizens, and from industry to academia.
  • Tone: it indicates how to communicate consistently across the various communication and dissemination channels, reflecting our core values and the main features of VARCITIES.

Part II “Visual Identity Guidelines” includes the indications for the production of visual materials, including logo, colors, typography, standard texts, key messages and templates.

This is a confidential deliverable, as such the full deliverable is not available to the public.

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