2nd Co-creation workshop in Chania

November 2021

On 29 November 2021, Chania hosted their second co-creation workshop with local stakeholders, aspart of the second series of VARCITIES co-creation workshops organised across all Pilot Cities. The event took place in-person at Mediterranean Architecture Centre and more than 16 participants were attended.

The aim of the second workshop was to update stakeholders  on the development of the two Visionary Solutions in order to validate and refine them collectively, before starting the implementation process. 

The workshop began with the introduction of the project team, as well as the participants.  

The presentations started with Margarita Bataki giving an overview of the project and followed by Afroditi Papadaki and Margarita Bataki from Municipality of Chania who presented the 2 updated visionary solutions, and what has been done so far for the Visionary Solution 1, in Chania’s pilot. Harris Siakantaris (Cyclopolis LTD) presented the bike sensor kit’ status.  

During the break time participants firstly moved to the nearby coffee break area and afterwards to the area where they filled in the printed questionnaires. 

Prof. Dionysia Kolokotsa, the coordinator of VARCITIES, concluded the event and presented the developments on the Health and Well-Being Platform. 

What we learned from participants and local stakeholders (main inputs) 

  • The need of inspiration.  
  • Suburban extension of the activities. 
  • Nature based activities. 
  • Integrating innovative technologies. 
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