Public Lauch of VARCITIES Health & Well-Being Platform

April 2024

Today 4th April 2024, we are proud to announce the public launch of our Health and Well-being (H&WB) Platform. At the heart of our project, this platform acts as a dynamic bridge connecting the tangible reality of seven pilot sites with their digital twins, offering users a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Blending the physical and digital, VARCITIES H&WB Platform acts as a conduit between the real world of the pilot sites and their digital representation in a comprehensive, user-friendly and interactive experience.

Discover VARCITIES H&WB Platform

Developed by partner Integrated Environmental Solutions, VARCITIES H&WB Platform seamlessly integrates data from of each VARCITIES pilot site and relays time-series environmental data and user feedback through interactive dashboards and insightful 3D renders.

  • Landing Page Map: An interactive map providing an overview of all pilot sites with macro information for each.
  • Pilot Overview Page: Contextual details about the site and its local environment.
  • Visionary Solutions Page: Comprehensive descriptions, images, and 3D renders of Visionary Solutions (VS).
  • Biodiversity Page: A showcase of local flora and fauna species.
  • Feedback and Survey Pages: Platforms for user feedback and fulfilling Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Time-series Data: Real-time data from sensors installed across pilot sites

VARCITES H&WB platform acts as a digital window into the past, current, and future pilot site activity via an interactive dashboards and insightful 3D renders across the VARCITIES pilot sites.

Purpose and Functionality

Designed to facilitate data extraction from pilot sites, the H&WB Platform empowers project partners and external users to contribute to both internal and external research in Europe. The H&WB Platform features several Dashboards that relay a variety of information, including time-series data from sensors, digital illustrations, and comprehensive information on each pilot site.

The Platform also provides users with insights into each of the 28 Visionary Solutions (VS) implemented across the seven Pilot sites, and directly informs them on the current conditions of the different Pilot sites.  These insights include text and VS digital renders (3D models of the VS) geolocated on each site digital twin which illustrates future development of nature-based solutions for each site. Pilot-specific information is available in the respective language of each pilot.

The H&WB Platform can receive information from the user who input their experience via survey questions which provides insights into user experience in each Pilot site, fostering a collaborative and insightful community.

Development and Operation

VARCITIES H&WB Platform originated from the project’s vision to implement and monitor nature-based actions in seven Pilot cities. A first prototype iteration of the platform was developed in 2022 and integrated into VARCITIES digital architecture, with the VARCITIES Rest API serving as the main conduit for all time-series data generated by sensors installed across all Pilot sites.

These data are pulled into the H&WB platform and feed each of the pilot sites bespoke KPIs Dashboards that record the environmental seasonal flux of each site while communicating this environmental flux in a user-friendly medium (3D renders and dashboards) for the public and internal users.

Usage and Users

Researchers, local authorities, and citizens alike can harness the power of the H&WB Platform. Specifically, researchers and authorities can utilize real-time data to guide local climate policies, while citizens can gain insight into nature-based solutions and express feedback on each pilot site. VARCITIES Pilot Cities can leverage the platform to check real-time data, guide local climate policies, and uphold standards in line with the project’s goals.

VARCITIES H&WB Platform emerges as a vital tool for greener, healthier cities, fostering collaboration and understanding among stakeholders.

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