Castelfranco Veneto hosts the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society of Croatia

October 2023

On the 12th of October, our Pilot City Castelfranco Veneto, hosted a delegation from the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society in the Republic of Croatia. The purpose of their visit was to exchange experiences in local co-design, especially related to the co-creation process of VARCITIES, and explore ways to promote and replicate this model in other Croatian cities.

The National Foundation’s mission is to support the development of civil society in Croatia. The delegation was interested in understanding how the Municipality of Castelfranco Veneto, with the support of its local partners, including the University of Padova, Unismart, and Eurac Research, engaged local stakeholders. They expressed their commitment to exploring various Croatian cities and local communities eager to learn from Castelfranco Veneto’s innovative solutions and create synergies.

The visit included a tour of Castelfranco Veneto with a focus on the city’s historical approach to fostering “innovation” in culture over the centuries.

Collaboration between municipalities and public organisations from different member states underscores VARCITIES’ commitment to innovation and sustainability.