Castelfranco Veneto presents VARCITIES’ co-design approach in Zadar

December 2023

On the 28th of November our Pilot City Castelfranco Veneto took part in the “Act4Mediterranean Round Table organised in Zadar (Croatia), a part of  the Day of the Mediterranean.

Annually on November 28th, the inaugural Euro-Mediterranean Conference held in Barcelona in 1995 is commemorated. The event saw Foreign Ministers from the EU and 12 Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries formally endorsed an Agreement, marking the initiation of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Process – also known as The Barcelona Process. The Day of the Mediterranean is dedicated to fostering intercultural exchanges, cooperation, and diversity, all while fortifying connections between the Mediterranean’s two shores.

This year, the Croatian National Foundation for Civil Society Development, in collaboration with the City of Zadar, organised the celebration of the Day of the Mediterranean in Zadar. The “Act4Mediterranean” Round Table delved into current themes and issues pertinent to Mediterranean countries and beyond. The discussions aimed to identify solutions to societal and environmental challenges, underscoring the commitment to advancing the well-being of the Mediterranean region.

In this context, the Municipality of Castelfranco Veneto was featured to present its participation in VARCITIES. The Pilot Team took this opportunity to highlight the initial outcomes and enhancements of the six Visionary solutions implemented in the Castelfranco Veneto pilot. The aim was to underscore the significance of stakeholder engagement in adopting a Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) approach within urban settings.

Furthermore, both the City of Zadar and Castelfranco Veneto had the chance to discuss their approaches and experiences in city management, especially focusing was on enhancing resilience to environmental changes, showcasing practical strategies and insights that contribute to the overall improvement of urban sustainability.

Collaboration between municipalities and public organisations from different member states underscores VARCITIES’ commitment to innovation and sustainability.