Novo Mesto: workshop on health and well-being!

November 2023

On 20th November, VARCITIES’ pilot in Novo Mesto organised a workshop to promote health and well-being, featuring Olympic Silver Medalist Sara Isaković. They were welcomed at the pilot site, on the premises of the new Olympic Sport Center, by VARCITIES pilot team from the Municipality of Novo Mesto and the Olympic Center.

Opening the event, Novo Mesto VARCITIES’ pilot manager, Peter Geršič opened the event by briefly outlining the pilot’s goal: the primary objective is the revitalization of the Češča vas area, incorporating new recreational spaces in nature, and enhancing the provision of healthy lifestyle and recreational services tailored to diverse target groups.

Olympic Silver Medalist, Sara Isaković, now a performance psychologist, addressed the participants, emphasizing the significance of psychological preparation in sports. She highlighted that proper alignment of the mind is crucial for the body to perform at its highest level. Sara Isaković stressed the importance of initiating mental training early in an athlete’s career to ensure optimal performance in both training and competitions.

During her presentation, the former Olympian shared various strategies and techniques, including visualization, goal setting, self-talk, and breathing exercises, designed to help athletes and others unlock their maximum potential.

At the core of VARCITIES, the co-creation process together with local communities represents a key moment of participation and supports constant stakeholder interactions for greener, healthier cities!