VARCITIES at the SEAI Energy Clinic in Dundalk

February 2024

VARCITIES’ Dundalk Pilot Team from Louth County Council held a collaborative morning on 10th February 2024 with Ireland’s national sustainable energy authority (SEAI), with a variety of activities hosted as part of the Energy Clinic on the Pilot Site at Dundalk Library.

The team shared updates on the project’s progress to date and gave an exciting, interactive display of Dundalk’s new Health & Wellbeing Platform, which has been developed and will launch soon! A demo of VARCITIES GoNature VR game was also presented.

The Pilot Team showcased a live demo to the Health and Well Being Platform, demonstrating the real-time environmental data such as external humidity and temperature readings. The audience acquired an understanding of the practical applications of this data in optimizing energy efficiency within residential settings, resonating with the audience’s interests and concerns.

The audience encompassed adults from diverse backgrounds, including family units and individuals attending alone, providing personalized insights into the project’s scope and significance. Children exhibited keen interest in specific aspects of the presentation, notably the Health and Well Being Platform and were captivated by the GoNature game.

The event also feature discussions on home energy improvements and renewable energy development as well as a ‘guzzler’ play workshops for children on energy saving tips. Visitors experienced the synergies of how VARCITIES project will fit into energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects lead by SEAI and LCC, noting similarities and connections during their engagement, in a fun filled interactive way.