3rd Co-creation workshop in Chania

February 2022

On the 15th of February 2022, Chania hosted the third co-creation workshop with local stakeholders. The event took place online and 12 participants (stakeholders) of the second Workshop attended.  The aim of the third workshop was to present and discuss with the STKs the two alternative options of the Mobile Urban Living Room (a converted container or a converted minivan) in order to validate and refine the solution collectively, before the implementation process.

The workshop began with the members of the project team, as well as the participating local stakeholders, introducing themselves.  Mrs Afroditi Papadaki from Municipality of Chania presented the two alternative options the of the Mobile Urban Living Room and referred to the advantages and the disadvantages of each one of them. Then the participants expressed their opinion. After the discussion on the MULaR’ s two options, the participants were asked to vote for the option that each one preferred. All participants STKs voted for the option of a converted container.  

Afterwards, the different stakeholders were asked to fill in the Evaluation Form online, via a link.

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