Awarding of the art installation for Leuven Pilot Site!

November 2023

VELODROOM (c) Reinard Deman

The Velodroom at Leuven’s Pilot Site, the Hertogensite, is set to extend its presence until the close of 2024. This dynamic space, nestled in Leuven’s Lower City since June 2021, has flourished through the collaborative efforts of local residents, organizers, culture house 30CC, and the city of Leuven.

The Velodroom, developped hrough the collaborative efforts of local residents, organizers, culture house 30CC, and the Municipality, has become a hub of creativity and community engagement. Despite delays in the construction of the new site, the Velodroom will persist, offering an exciting and evolving platform for cultural activities.

Councilor for spatial planning, Carl Devlies, emphasizes the need for an upgrade after two years of intensive use. VARCITIES, will support this further development with Visionary Solution 1, an urban mobile living room. Designed as an art installation, it was awarded to Decoratelier, led by Jozef Wouters and Menno Vandevelde, renowned for over 15 years for their impactful scenographies and public art installations.

Jozef Wouters elaborates on their approach: “We view the design, construction, and management as a conversation—a life-size model searching for the form a stage needs in this city. How much shelter from the rain? How much intimacy does a performance require? We build in a language that allows us to change and look for a space between open and closed.

The urban mobile living room will not only enhance the Velodroom but also boasts a modular architectural style, allowing it to be relocated and reassembled in different forms.

To involve the community, Decoratelier envisions a collaborative effort with residents, turning the construction process into a creative learning experience for young people from the neighborhood and Molenbeek, in  Brussels. A construction camp during the spring break will see participants preparing for the project in Brussels before converging on Leuven for the final installation.

Urban Mobile Living Room Development Phases:

  • November/December 2023: Project planning in consultation with the neighborhood
  • February/March 2024: Prefabrication with young people from Leuven and Molenbeek in Decoratelier
  • March 2024: Construction phase on-site in Leuven, open for participation from all interested parties